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The Tyrrell P34 (Project 34), otherwise known as the 'six-wheeler,' was a Formula One race car designed by Derek Gardner, Tyrrell's chief designer, as a response to new regulations due to come into force in 1976. The car used specially manufactured 10-inch diameter wheels and tyres at the front with two ordinary sized wheels at the back. The idea of the smaller front tyres was to increase air penetration and have a smaller 'frontal area' which would reduce drag.

However, smaller diameter tyres would have resulted in a loss of contact area between the rubber and the tarmac surface of the track and hence poorer mechanical grip for cornering. To remedy this, the P34 was given four 10-inch front wheels. Thanks to a complex suspension design, all four front wheels could be steered.

Chassis 2 is one of 7 cars built and was used extensively by Patrick Depailler throughout the 1976 season. The car finished 2nd in 3 Grand Prix, most notably at Anderstorp when the Tyrrell team finished 1-2 taking the only win for a 6 wheel Grand Prix car.

For 1977 the car was upgraded with radiators at the front and was used in two Grand Prix before becoming a spare car for the end of the season.

The current owner purchased the car from the world famous Donington Grand Prix Collection and it has been restored with no expense spared by WDK Motorsport. The car has raced competitively in HFO and Masters events as well as at Monaco. It was also used in the filming of the up and coming Ron Howard movie "Rush".

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