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Aston Martin DB4GT

A right drive GT delivered to Ralph Maynard Smith in London via Ken Rudd’s Brooklands dealership 6th June 1961.
Maintained at the works and by marque specialists RS Williams, Aston Engineering and Nicholas Mee.

In 1959, one year after the DB4's debut, Aston Martin launched their competition version, the DB4GT.
Changes from the standard DB4 were primarily weight and power, weight was saved with a wheelbase reduction of just over 12 cm and power was increased to 302 bhp, by fitting a twin-plug head, and triple 45DCOE twin choke Weber carburettors to the all-alloy 3670 cc straight six engine.
As on the standard DB4 the Touring designed body was constructed on the 'Superleggera' principle, body panels fixed on a very strong lightweight tubular frame, but the 16 gauge aluminium panels of the DB4 were replaced by 18 gauge magnesium alloy panels. Visually distinguishable features of the GT were the large bonnet air scoop and the cowled front lights.
The DB4 GT prototype made an impressive competition debut in the hands of Stirling Moss in the International Trophy meeting at Silverstone, taking a class victory and for the remainder of the season the DB4 GT proved as fast as the Ferrari 250 GT.
Although intended as a competition car, many of the 74 DB4 GTs constructed were used as road cars. The end of DB4 GT production in 1963 meant the end of the Aston Martin’s factory competition effort, the 4 Project cars excepted, although many of the DB4 GTs are still regularly used in a wide variety of events.

Steel platform chassis
Touring designed body of magnesium alloy panels on tubular steel frame
3.7 litre twin-cam, twin-spark straight 6 with alloy block and head
3 Weber 45 DCOE Carburettors
302 bhp / 225 KW @ 6000 rpm
366 Nm / 270 ft lbs @ 5000 rpm
Rack-and-pinion steering
Disc brakes front & rear
Front suspension: unequal length wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: live axle, coil springs, parallel trailing links, Watts linkage, lever-arm dampers
Top Speed 152 mph (245 Kmh)
0-60 mph (100Kph) 6.4 s


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